I am Tom Kelly, also founder and principle agent of Accentiia Business Partners.

A Special Advisory service only or used as powerful executive tool into project or ventures. 'A way to, get vast expereince when you need it most.'. I use my vast insight, knowledge and experience of digital anything to enable your business success. I am about enabling the 'being digital as time moves forward’ To help acheive true transformation and change. That is wiser, smarter and done well.

From start to finish. I seek to make all the diffrence. A breath of fresh air, that just works. To by a key catalyist to your bussiness and teams, to help find the smarter ways to deal with compelx problems. To help drive forward business success by using my second to none expereince of digital development from the grass roots and up. - learned at the coalface of extreme interactive tech (video games), putting to work many many many years of interactive software development experience. So your may get great business advantage by my Inclusion, betters ideas to execution, done wisly, so save and make more return, in the long run.

Sometimes in life. You or anyone, can not 'think out of the box' when it would be very useful to have a trusted thought challanger to test the thinking out. Same for goverments, and bussness, large to small. A someone or somthing force to ask? - does this truly making sense?
To have your trusted 'your best intrests' insight bringer into situations.

When you, or anyone, or anything is in a box? Sometimes it is best and the only way to get out of the limits of the box, is to bring in the 3rd view? A 3rd exectuive force?
To work in resolving, or simply avoid problems from that strat, or remove what has been built up. - carefully and wisely. If somone is in the box. Then change, becomes very hard to impossible to get past. My task is to turn limtiation to possabiltiy. Stagnation to progress. This is what my vitil 3rd view is focused to do.

My vast expereince is instinctive, open and friendly. Sure footed confidence that comes with a delivery promise. Have this powerful exectutive tool in your bussness, venture or project, today. So improve what you alread have.

Some people, see past things. See what others may miss. - So pointing it out before the rest has enourmous advantages in vital ways.

I join the dots to what is really going on, not what is thought to be. - So you know and may gain from it.

I talk straight and seek to enable all, at all levels. - To improve situations

A truly impartial and that special 3rd view that works.

To Enable. To Inspire. Nothing less.
Lets talk, call TODAY 0203 637 1015 to discuss your needs and how I may help.

who Am I? I am Accentiia. I helped pioneer the digital world we all enjoy today. - Many years before iPhone/mobile. In the the extreme technology sector of video games. So most likly can sense what is coming next, and how to do it the smarter way. - As you would expect.

Veteran DIGITAL Insights. Applied
Tom Kelly, Principal Special Adviser / Executive force



No amount of insurance will protect, if it’s the wrong type.
Same with 3rd view Special Advisors or Executive forces.

That’s why you should consider getting extreme creative digital thinkers who are naturally ‘native digital’. Who give straight talking answers to digital challanges.

A consultancy force that is not an immigrant to the landscape, but helped pioneer the digital world we see today, before it went mainstream.

Who don’t see the current digital revolution era as all that new, more a natural evolution of niche interactive industries such as video games.

We help getting digital the smarter way. Simple


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Digital Enertainment Insight.Engage
Digital Opportunities for Success.Point it out
Innovation, Ideas and Insight. Catalysts
Our Analysis and Strategy. Plain Talking
Non-executive Advice and Support. Safeguard
UX Consultancy. Design and Usability



Radical thinkers. Pioneers of the digital age. Extreme thinkers. Creative performers. You would expect all this from ex-games people, wouldn’t you?

Recent times have seen an explosion in the number of web-connected devices accessing online services and an increasing drive to monetise content and transactions via web-based services. Accentiia offers its clients special consultancy tools, enabling them to pursue these new business opportunities and optimise existing offerings.

It’s simple. Accentiia Digital comes from a long-standing gaming heritage. Video games are interactive products that entertain. Video games invented and used creative technology years before it was called creative technology.

As ex-game people we live and breathe digital.
My professional background combines full-tilt creativity with ideas that can drive forward innovation. We understand how it all works … and how it could work.

I am your independent, impartial, specialist digital consultancy partner.

Consult, advise and resolve.

0203 637 1015

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